I haven't pinned down what exactly draws me to Alice in Wonderland so much. I remember watching the 1951 Disney animation countless times on a cartoon channel when I was little and being mortified during the Mad Tea Party scene thinking the Mad Hatter deliberately drowned the mouse in the teapot. Traumatic times..

Thinking about it, it makes perfect sense I'd be fascinated with a story about a blonde girl in a pale blue dress and white apron, heavily involving playing cards, that was written in Victorian England. I love blonde hair, pale blue and white are my favourite colours, I'm obsessed with card suits, and I'm really interested in Victorians.

Throughout my life Alice imagery has caught my eye and interest and continues to intrigue and inspire me. So on this page I will be collecting Alice related material from various sources as well as my interpretations of an "Alice dress".

"Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" was written by author, mathematician and photographer Charles Lutwidge Dodgson under the pen name Lewis Carroll. Spending a lot of his time in the company of children, he came up with the story in order to entertain three little sisters during a boat trip, among which was Alice Liddell, aged 10. It was thanks to her enthusiasm and persistance that Dodgson decided to put the story on paper and eventually publish it, exactly three years after that trip, on 4th July 1865. A sequel, entitled "Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There" was published in 1871.

You can read the two books in their entirety and see the wonderful original John Tenniel illustrations that accompanied them here or here.

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I came across an Alice themed photo spread in japanese children's Vogue entitled "Monochrome Wonderland" shot by amazing french photographer Irina Ionesco. It featured clothes by brands such as Shirley Temple.
It's only natural Alice would inspire a myriad of dolls. Below are the Alice Momoko, Mamemomoko, Pullip, Mini Pullip and Shirley Temple dolls. A second Alice Pullip was made but I find her dark skintone and gold outfit so wrong I'd rather leave her out.

Admitedly I've only had time to make one Alice dress, and it was for my Lonely Lisa. She is a very large doll so I could create so many details I couln't with Blythe clothes. Time permitting, there will be more soon!