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My Lonely Lisa

Saturday, March 29th, 2008

The first time I saw this doll was in a picture of Christina Ricci holding her, and I never forgot those eyes. Getting her was at the back of my head for years, but this past Christmas I felt a tremendous need to finally have one. I’d started having an interest in bjds recently but couldn’t really find one I actually liked. I soon realised it was the size that intrigued me about them more than anything, and all the things I could sew in that size. Lonely Lisa would also fulfill that.

So right when I decided to get one, there was none on ebay. For like a whole month. Until I finally found one in really bad condition…for $3.50.

I thought, how bad can a cloth body doll be? Answer: very. How does a cloth body doll even break? Well her stuffing had shrunk to less than half its size. Her wiring was completely distorted , with some limbs hanging loose, and her neck was broken. Her head wouldn’t stand up. At first I panicked that I’d just gotten a wreck that could only be displayed. But a minute later I was ripping the seams at her shoulder open to sort her out. Somehow, I managed. I did it so quick, I didn’t even think much. I replaced some broken parts with wire an her stuffing with cottonballs. If she gets wet it will be a disaster. I should replace it with polyester stuffing some day…

But for now she looks beautiful, and I really love her. She is so expressive. I’d never had such a big doll before, you can hold her, it feels so different. Her hair is that wonderful fibre Kamars have – I can’t even tell you just how thrilled I was to see that. I don’t understand why this doll is not more popular.

I mde her an Alice dress.

Tuesday, March 25th, 2008

Early morning

Tuesday, March 25th, 2008

Been spending many sleepless nights designing Poupee mecanique.

Licca talk

Monday, March 24th, 2008

me: hahahaha lmao
me: some licca friends are trully insane
me: I’m writing about patto now
me: Two types were produced, and both had special bodies. The first type had an elongating torso that allowed her to grow. The second had an incorporated crinoline, that spread open or shut with the pull or push of a leg. She also had lots of masks to disguise into different characters.
Markie: sounds like patto-chan had an identity disorder and used masks to express her inability to confirm and accept her own self-identity. :B
Markie: *iz a psych nerdz*
me: hahaha
me: also licca’s dad was in france until the 4th generation, how her mom managed to give birth to twins and then triplets, I don’t know
Markie: that’s one helluva stretched out vaggy
Markie: mm brb i am so hungry
me: aaaw
Markie: back
Markie: cute dorry
me: it’s licca’s twin sisters’ friend
me: of course they made friends of cousins of stepfathers of aunts in the liccca line
me: there is a licca friend called cock-chan
Markie: *chokes on my drink*
me: yeah
me: they also got licca an older sister and then deleted her cause her mom would have to have had her at 10.
Markie: haha licca’s mom is loose
me: did I tell you she also had triplets later
Markie: so in total she’s had how many children
me: seven
Markie: too many
Markie: should have used mini-condoms
me: then they used the mold of her best friend to make her a boyfriend