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Olympus Pen E-P1

Thursday, October 1st, 2009

I have fallen MADLY in love with this hot number.


It looks like a high end vintage camera, but it is, in fact, a compact DSLR, the smallest in the world at the moment.

I like it even better in beautiful retro white x beige.

It has gotten rave reviews on its quality, 12.5mp, beautiful colours, no noise, image stabilisation and it even goes up to iso 6400 and still doesn’t look terrible. The 14mm-42mm kit lens is excellent and ingeniously retracts to half its length. The only catch is the lack of flash (which I couldn’t care less for personally) and the lack of a viewfinder, which is however what it owes its small size to.

I’ve always used cute vintage cameras, toycameras, polaroids and film for my personal work, but that don’t cut it for today’s publication a switch is inevitable and I have found it so hard to deal with the bulky, ugly, plastic-looking DSLRs of today. This camera has everything I want so I think the lack of a viewfinder is a compromise I can make… otherwise it’s THIS: