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Les collines

Wednesday, April 28th, 2010

I love Alizée’s new song! Can’t resist french electro with a little melancholy.

She looks very pretty with the long fringe and heavy eye makeup. It’s my favourite look on a girl.

Delayed packages

Sunday, April 25th, 2010

I have a huuuge amount of things to post, which will be sorted in two batches: Monday fabric sale, Tuesday outfit sets. So if you haven’t gotten something, it’s not lost. I’m so sorry for this guys. T_T

Now that the volcano business has been sorted, everything will be leaving airmail and not via ship and all the outfits will be getting the brand new packaging I designed. :)


Tuesday, April 20th, 2010

UK airspace opened again today – I just hope it really is safe and the 150.000 english people stranded around the world can return with no trouble. And I hope it doesn’t close again. I called a travel insurance company today and they said they wouldn’t cover anything caused by the volcano as it falls within the “adversary weather conditions” category. Pffft!!! I booked my tickets via H.I.S. London which is a wonderful agency, and they said they’d give me an immediate refund or let me reschedule in the case of a cancellation. The guesthouse however would not refund my deposit as they require a two week’s notice to do that.

Finland’s airports are still closed though. And that’s a problem because I’m flying with Finnair. I hate Finnair. The food is horrid and their film selection is the worst, imagine Jennifer Aniston type of films. Also they make you wait like 5 hours inbetween flights. I love flying with Air France, the food is acceptable, the staff is nice, though they do sometimes insist on talking to me in french even after I say for the billionth time that I don’t speak french, and the uniforms are designed by Christian Lacroix. Also they have really good films.

Anyway, fingers crossed, I’d been so down these days facing this problem. I cannot tell you how desperate I am for new fabric and new inspiration.

Since all my money went to the ticket, I couldn’t pay for the new term at japanese class. :/ Maybe I’ll have some by next week so I’ll only miss tomorrow’s lesson and the week I’ll be in Japan. I’ll catch up. Our teacher has been so nice to make mp3s with all the vocabulary and phrases that I can listen to while I sew. Multitasking!

Eyjafjallajokull T___T

Saturday, April 17th, 2010

I am freaking out. My flight is in two weeks, what if the ash hasn’t cleared by then and my flight gets canceled? I’ll take my water pistol and go extinguish the volcano myself.

I think I’ll invest in travel insurance that covers cancellation of a trip, the way airlines are losing money at the moment, I wouldn’t be surprised if their finances are seriously messed up soon.


Thursday, April 15th, 2010

I booked tickets to Tokyo yesterday! It will be my seventh time. I know it’s gotten ridiculous at this point but I can’t stay away from it for too long. It’s my home.

I will stay in my favourite area, Koenji in an incredibly cheap guesthouse which will cost me half the money of the business hotel I stayed the last three times – and I thought that one was a good deal! I am not so thrilled about sharing a toilet with 3 other people but I’m saving so much. I just hope the other guests will be clean. This guesthouse is only 2,500yen a night and looks like a real house which is big part of the appeal for me. I’ve always said that if I live in Tokyo I want to live in Koenji, so this is the next best thing. There is a kitchen and everything. There are millions of tiny little streets around the area full of places to eat and drink, some of them so small they fit like 5 people. It feels like a cosy little town with its own personality in vast Tokyo.

A really nice but incredibly sad film, “Nobody knows” was filmed there, based on true events.

I am attending Doll Show on May 2nd, but I will not have a booth. No time to prepare. It will be nice to just be able to shop for once and roam around for hours taking pictures. Maybe I can score some Daisy D, Kogumaza or Lala Puppenhaus. I’m also hoping to “try before I buy” some glass eyes on my U-noas. Glass eyes are so expensive you don’t really want to get them and then change your mind. Not sure if I can bring both of them along, but the faceplates alone for sure.

I want to try and be super organised this time, asign an area per day and such. I need to raise more money for fabric and material shopping, clothes, dolls and some anime artbooks. I also want to eat more at restaurants as they’re really quite affordable. And since it’s spring, see as many parks and gardens as possible. I will be bringing my SLR to take film pictures this time. And I’d like to try and blog about the trip more – I say this everytime and then never bother.

I’m hoping to make more new contacts this time, get to work for more publications and collaborate with some artists. Now that I can speak some japanese I can finally exchange a word or two. So so excited.


Thursday, April 15th, 2010

My friend Geoffrey came over yesterday with my favourite strawberry cake from Paul OMNOMNOM which is already nearly finished of course and this!

I really love this perfume. It reminds me of someone I love.

Danny Choo

Monday, April 12th, 2010

There is going to be a Danny Choo talk tomorrow at SOAS, the university I’m doing japanese in, on creative industries in Japan. He studied there too. I’m incredibly excited about it, because he’s a person I really look up to.

He was born and raised in London. In Hackney! Also known as hell. I found out about about him when I lived in Hackney myself, the way he talked about it made me laugh. He managed to learn japanese completely on his own with books he bought at Japan centre, later studied at SOAS and eventually got a job that brought him to Japan where he started his own company and a now incredibly famous blog about life in Japan and japanese pop culture.

Oh and he also dances around Tokyo in a Stormtrooper armor. ;D

The reason I admire him is not because he gets lots of free anime figures or hangs out with idols. It’s because he is entirely self-made and never took advantage of his dad’s money, who is apparently, shoe designer Jimmy Choo. He seems like a genuinely warm person, and I feel I can learn a lot from him. He talks about having the courage of your convictions and it doesn’t sound like tired old bull. He just worked his ass off to get what he wanted, which is the only way anyone should ever get ahead.

I made some really nice new business cards last week, I didn’t expect them to be ready anytime soon but I just got a shipment notification so they should normally be here tomorrow. It’s a sign from teh gods!!!! Danny has been going on and on about how everyone should bring their business cards to network with people at his talk.

Coffee high

Sunday, April 11th, 2010

I have to lay off coffee for life. It makes me feel great for about an hour and then my heart starts pounding and my mood hits rock bottom! I think my system is so not used to stimulants that even caffeine can give me a bad trip. I’ve had a bad trip on beer before, if I wasn’t drinking from a can I would have thought it was spiked. Meh. Not for me. Give me a smoothie pls.

Been sanding away on a kenner covered in nailpolish today… I have no idea what the perpetrator was trying to achieve with this.


Saturday, April 10th, 2010


Pizzicato Five – T.v.a.g. (恋のテレビジョン・エイジ)

Kuroshitsuji II

Friday, April 9th, 2010

A second season has been announced for Kuroshitsuji, apparently featuring entirely new characters. The new butler looks like a less hot and very bored version of Sebastian, there’s no charm to him at all. But at least they got rid of that obnoxious, unlikeable little brat Ciel for this nicer blond boy. I’m curious to see what it will be like, but I was very disappointed with the first season. It was aesthetically gorgeous but the story was terrible. I actually never finished watching it, so I don’t know what happens to Sebastian and Ciel.

You can download a subtitled version here