Jan Švankmajer’s Alice

This is my favourite Alice film. I find it the most surreal and inventive, featuring a lot of stop motion taxidermy, skulls and the like. It gets really scary at times, especially the kitchen scene were bird skulls are flying out of eggs, a piece of meat crawls out of a pot and Alice opens a can full of roaches.

It was most definitely Daisy D‘s inspiration for the set she created for the recent Alice in Junie Moon exhibition, which I missed. T_T

3 Responses to “Jan Švankmajer’s Alice”

  1. Claudia Says:

    I love her Blythe’s little frown! And the dress, of course… I don’t even know where to begin about how mindboggling all of those layers and pleats are to me!

  2. Pordos Says:

    ah thelw na to dw, exeis link? PRATS!

  3. Kamila Says:

    One of my favourite films EVER, love it since I saw it as a kid. Not really surprising a dolly person like yourself is mad for it, too :)

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