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Stop the sensationalism!

Saturday, March 19th, 2011

Japan is not being wiped off the face of the earth, nor is food so short they’re starving, nor is everyone being fried by radioactivity, nor is everyone fleeing Tokyo. The media seems to be full of this crap these days to satisfy people’s craving for drama and violence, but it’s really not happening. Fair enough if embassies feel they have to evacuate their counties’ citizens from Japan if they wish to do so, but I think the whole thing has gotten out of hand in the name of sensationalism in order to sell more papers and get people hooked on their tvs so they can sell more ads!

They show people wearing surgical masks as if it’s something new – japanese people wear these year round for allergies and when they’re sick, to not pass on their colds. The panic buying has not stripped Tokyo of food, but of breadstuffs, pasta, rice, just long life stuff. Fresh produce is available everywhere and restaurants work as usual. They make it seem like people are starving there. Also the only people that are “fleeing” Tokyo are foreigners. It is not a “ghost town”, it’s as busy as always! The only reason is seems a bit more quiet is because some shops are closed and all businesses are doing their best to conserve energy.

Apparently even the nuclear situation is nowhere near Chernobyl, that was left to burn out of control for days and days, contained different materials in the reactor and at the end of the day, caused the trouble it did because of food contamination which the japanese government would never let happen!

What I’ve found most upsetting is how everyone is trying to make this about themselves. The anti-whale or anti-shark fishing people say it’s nature’s retribution to Japan. Some brainless americans say it’s bad karma for Pearl Harbor. Really??? Because if that’s what they get, I don’t even want to think what awaits America for all the wars they’ve done and all the cows, pigs and chickens slaughtered in the West every day. Most of all I cannot begin to think how ANYONE would take pleasure in what has happened in Japan!

All this ridiculous crap is shifting attention from the real problem which is the thousands of people left dead or homeless by the quake and tsunami. I’d like to see some news reports on the situation in shelters and how the rescue missions are going, not closeups of people crying!

Help Japan: Outfit No.1 / 日本救済オークション#1

Tuesday, March 15th, 2011

I’m starting a series of ebay auctions for Japan! Here’s the first one.


Sunday, March 13th, 2011



I was doing this translation homework on Friday morning when I got the news of the earthquake. Horrible horrible irony. Facebook was useful for once, in getting updates from almost everyone. I don’t know what to say that will not sound trite, and I’m not interested in jumping on this bandwagon of sensationalism that is all over the media, when the japanese themselves are so composed at a time like this. I was really disgusted by how people jumped on this and made it all about themselves, like the reports on western media, constantly talking about our contributions to the disaster relief instead of reporting on what was actually happening in Japan.

I’d urge everyone to try and donate a dollar or two instead of posting facebook updates that they’re praying for Japan… Let’s get real. I’ll do my best too.

East London Sunday

Sunday, March 6th, 2011

Thursdays and Sundays in East London are wonderful. On Thursday there’s my favourite antique market around the corner, I only have one lecture, and at night, Princess Julia plays fantastic music at the George and Dragon. On Sundays, Brick Lane is bursting with markets; flea markets, fruit and veg markets, vintage markets, food halls, and then further down on Columbia road, the wonderful flower market. A bit further away, there’s the Hackney city farm, which at the moment looks wonderful because of all the chestnut trees blooming.


Tuesday, March 1st, 2011


じつは、時々ぼくに聞きます「ほんとうにできますか。できませんか。」。できると思います。ぼくのゆめは日本に住むことです。でも、日本語はほんとうにむずかしくて、ヨーロッパの言語とほんとうに違いますから、時々「ぜったいに上手になりません!!!」と思います。T_T 新しいことばや文法やほんやくがとくいですが漢字が下手です。いくら勉強しても、二三日のあとでもう忘れました。もっと、もっとれんしゅうしなければなりません。がんばります。