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Summer Japan trip

Saturday, April 23rd, 2011

Ok student loan installment is in which only means one thing: Japan tickits buying tiem!!!1

This is what I’ve been thinking about all day but instead of being excited about it, I’m a bit stressed. All year I’ve been saying that once exams are over, I’ll reward myself with a month long stay, to cool off from this year’s stress and put to use what I’ve learnt. I’m starting to think though one month might be too much. Which might sound weird for someone that wants to live there, but living somewhere and being a tourist there are two different stories, especially when you go for the 9th time.

While I’m there I’ll only be spending money (a lot of it) and making none, while also paying for a month’s rent back in London that will go to waste, so overall it will be quite the financial ruin. I really want to do lots of work over the summer and save up. Apparently you need £8000 in your bank account to get a student Visa for the third year, which they don’t tell you until the last minute (they probably think everyone has that kind of money just lying around).

And then there’s the current situation. I’m not afraid of radiation but earthquakes terrify the life out of me which again of course sounds weird for someone that wants to live there but the way I see it is that I could live with the long term threat of them if I lived there permanently, but going for leisure at a time when they get a big one per week and many small ones inbetween might just be a bad choice. Once this crisis is over, they might not get another for a century. I always stay in this rickety hostel I love, with rooms illegally built on the roof (my favourites!) and can easily imagine my nightmare scenario of the shower unit flying off the roof with me in it finally materialising. Though apparently the house has gotten no damage so far…

Another thing I wanted to do was finally see other places like Kyoto and Osaka and especially check out our sister universities I should consider for the third year placement. So if I’m going to Kansai, that should be in the beginning of the trip so I don’t have to carry around a crazy heavy suitcase packed full of my shopping, and I have to consider a JR pass which is another £200. D:

Lots of stuff to consider. But for now I need to get back to revision.

Ivor Novello

Thursday, April 21st, 2011

I’m in love with him. <3_<3 From "The lodger: A story of the London fog" (1927).


Thursday, April 21st, 2011

It’s been a while once again. I feel I don’t own my life this year. Spring break has gone by in a wink, and it was hardly a break when we have exams right after! I submitted all my essays late. T_T I went to Athens for a few days, where ironically the weather was terrible and I caught a cold, while London is burning hot and the sun is shining.


I’ve made up a little garden on my window sill that makes me happy.