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Saturday, September 24th, 2011

Bjork’s Biophilia has been postponed until next month because, as she explained in a recent press release, some of the songs grew in the period she played it live in Manchester and she felt she had to rework it. I love that she takes decisions like this. The original version has of course already leaked. It’s very beautiful, very very minimal, some songs just have one instrument, but it feels very heavy. I think it’s a piece of work that is best enjoyed live as it was originally conceived, you need to watch the instruments they invented for it, watch the visuals, and even Bjork in that insane wig – the whole thing is a performance piece, not just an album. It’s good to have Bjork back because Volta was a truly dreadful album that I want to erase from my memory.

For the new version of the album she worked with Leila, that is one of my favourite Bjork collaborators. The original version of Where is the line that they did together and was never released is one of m y most favourite Bjork songs ever. So I hope to have a bit of that dirtier sound in Biophilia too.

björk: moon from Björk on Vimeo.

Lanvin AW11

Saturday, September 17th, 2011

Throw in together some gorgeous models, deliberately bad dancing and a hideous rap song and you have this little masterpiece.

Fingersmith (2005)

Monday, September 12th, 2011

Lately I’ve gotten really into BBC period dramas, they’re so incredibly well made, sometimes better than high budget feature films. I’m always taken by the beautifully lit and photographed shots of interiors, which really make me quite sad as I’ll probably never be able to live in anything like that.

It also seems that every period BBC drama has at least one scene filmed around the corner from where I live, on a street full of gorgeous Georgian silkweavers’ town houses, especially 4 Princelet Street which is used exclusively for filming and photoshoots.

I have been obsessed with this house since I moved into this neighbourhood 3 years ago, and sometimes could take a peak inside through the windows when film crews were around. Then I found its website and had a full look at the gorgeously preserved 15 rooms and I can honestly say I haven’t seen a place more beautiful. Some nights I drunkenly pass outside and touch the door and have a little cry. T_T

This area was all derelict 15 years ago, literally walls and roofs and floors falling apart, but the houses have since been purchased and restored and are now unbelievably expensive. Two have been recently sold for 1,5 million pounds, and another was for sale at 6,5 million. I’ll never have that kind of money! But the charm of a 300 year old house, with wooden paneling on the walls, creaky staircases, hidden private gardens and skylights…is simply unsurpassed.

The woman in black (2012)

Saturday, September 3rd, 2011

I’m really looking forward to this film, it looks incredibly beautiful, like my dream world (minus the ghost). I’m thinking of going to see the West End play too.