Last day in Berlin

Today’s my last day in beautiful Berlin, a pleasant surprise as for some reason I had thought I was flying out to shitty London today.

I headed over to Kastanienallee, a fashionable street in the north, full of cafes, restaurants and small shops and some rather peculiar houses!



From there I walked to Alexanderplatz. The amount of tourists in the city is frightful, but the sheer spaciousness of it makes them quite bearable.


Needless to say I’ve been eating pretzels every time I see them and I can’t wait to try and make them at home.

I really wanted to find a tall kugelhopf cake pan but had no luck. :( I scored some mega cheap knockoff Le Creuset mini cocottes though!!! I envision lovely apricot clafoutis.

I later headed over to Friedrichshain, the area I used to stay in when I first fell in love with Berlin 7 years ago. I got a bit emotional when I got off Warschauer strasse station.


I found this amazing old building complex that may have once been a factory, now squatted by artists that have set up bars, restaurants, studios, a concert venue and climbing facilities! This is why I love Berlin…






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  1. Stephen Says:

    I too, love pretzels.
    Always have, even as a child.
    Berlin has lost so much of its former beauty though, in both world wars. It was once as elegant and beautiful as Paris.

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