Neukölln and Kreuzberg

When I first came to Berlin I stayed in Friedrichshain, this time I stayed in Neukölln and Kreuzberg. These three areas along with Mitte and Prenzlauer berg is where most young and cool people want to live in and spend their time in.

Neukölln used to be a crappy and sortof dangerous area but about 5 years ago it started being invaded by the cool crowd and gentrification followed. I quite like it, gorgeous old buildings, all with high ceilings and big windows and such beautiful facades and entrances. The cobbled streets are so wide and the pavements so spacious two rows of cars could easily fit.


Here’s a gay building I found.


The area I much prefer though is Kreuzberg. It’s frequented by punks and has a huge and friendly Turkish community which can only mean one thing to me: YUMMY FOOD!!! It’s also got a beautiful canal running through it that I sat by to relax with a beer many a time.


Check out this cute boat that must have been DIY.


My friend Patrick took me to his favourite ice cream shop called Eis, where they do some unusual combinations. I had strawberry with basil and chocolate with ginger. Apparently they do a very nice cucumber ice cream that was not in stock that day.


Brb pretzel time


Kreuzberg has an AMAZING Turkish market twice a week, stocking fruit and vegetables as well as spices, street food and fabrics. If you go late the prices are insanely low, I scored the cheapest apricots, cherries, strawberries, redcurrants and a vegetable I’ve only ever seen growing wild in my dad’s village – I couldn’t believe it!!! The seller was actually Greek and imported it.






Bizarrely fluffy traditional turkish bread.


These cherries were so strange, bright and translucent, it turned out they were sour cherries!


I sampled the food too, this gözleme (a Turkish pastry, mine was filled with spinach and white cheese) was delicious and €1,50. The exact same thing in London costs £4.50.



I will miss all this dearly.

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  1. Stephen Says:

    I would love sitting by the canal and watching the swans.
    Chocolate with ginger sounds fantastic!
    Not to mention Turkish men are very nice to look at!!
    My surname family, Martin, came from Wurttemburg, Germany to America in the early 1700’s.
    I have found several things I enjoy are not only German, but from Wurttemburg.

  2. marina Says:

    what are the white berries? :0

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