Dad took me for a drive to Chania, the most beautiful city in Crete. It was a long journey but worth it. The old town by the harbour was gorgeous. We had a great seafood meal and a long stroll.

At first I thought these were lobsters with their claws cut off but they’re something entirely different.

I absolutely love greek cuisine but I had forgotten just how much frying goes on. I just think it’s a waste, grilled fish and seafood is so much tastier, not to mention healthier.

We also went to the remnant of an ancient palace up on a hill, the view was amazing. All of these are olive trees, Crete is absolutely covered in them.

2 Responses to “Chania”

  1. Steve Says:

    I love the climbing purple flowering vine.
    The food all looks very pretty. You can sense the warmth from the sunny photos.

  2. Alessia Says:

    Wonderful places and food! I think that sea monster’s name is magnosa in Italy, I’ve never eaten some though

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