Last day in Crete

On my last day my uncle took us to a beach that’s only accessible by jeep, because the roads are so rough and dangerous. It was a small beach and had no nudists so my interest in it ended then and there, we did however have a good fish and seafood meal afterwards.

Lovely little fish fried in batches and eaten whole.

This is a popular local cinnamon and caramel flavoured drink I could have galons of, too bad for the insane amount of food colouring.

You can’t go 5 meters in Greece without finding a chruch, and they used to build churches EVERYWHERE, here’s one in a cave.

What’s going on here?

2 Responses to “Last day in Crete”

  1. Steve Says:

    I don’t think I could eat one of those fishes whole… the head, eyes.. bones and everything????
    I like icons. I have a Russian one.

  2. Blue Says:

    OMG, I had a good laugh at the photos of the two guys (suppose they are saints) LOL Look like a bro-mance going on LOL

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