These days

I went to an antique market yesterday and made a few nice finds, a clockwork monkey, a vintage bunny face, really cute tiny lace and a bubblecut Barbie. I’d like to try and make a bunny plushie with that face!

I’m working on stuff for Doll Show in Tokyo next month.

This time I will sell a U-Noa outfit as well.

I’ve been making some nice breads with spelt as well, this is a walnut sourdough loaf, with a bit of rye in it too. The walnuts are wild, from my dad’s village.

I also made a wholegrain spelt loaf with dried figs that was very good eaten with blue cheese! And this spelt, avocado and hazelnut salad from Rachel Khoo was also delicious.

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  1. Steve Says:

    Congrats on the bubble. They are the dolls I played with as a child. I recently bought one, myself. A blonde sidepart bubble. She needs green ear treatment.
    I love bubbles.. not just because they are the dolls I played with as a kid.. but because they remind me of flowers. Long stems with bright colored round heads..
    The salmon looks good. Salmon is my favorite type of fish to eat.

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