In Dolly*Dolly Vol.15 you can find 10 original patterns designed by me, both Mod and Royal.
2 Blythe
2 Kamar
1 Peteena
1 Vintage Licca
1 Wataru
2 Emerald Witch
1 Flatsy

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  Dedicated to 60s mod fashion, space age and psychedelia, however some 50s chic or 70s romantic elements might come into the mix.  

  Dedicated to the antique romantic look of the Rococo and Victorian eras, and contemporary japanese lolita culture.  

One of my biggest joys in life is sewing for dolls. I started off doing everything by hand but eventually moved on to a machine - now I go for a combination of the two. I like to make clothes true to their scale, with an overload of little details - I think there lies all the beauty.

Most of my sewing will be under one of the mini brands Mod and Royal, but lately the line has blurred a little. Poupée mécanique doll couture will be available in my online shop or sometimes ebay auctions. Updates will be announced on the blog, so do keep an eye out!

Commissions are also possible for Blythe, vintage Licca & Wataru, Emerald witch, Odeco & Nikki, Momoko, Misaki and more dolls. Sold out sets can be remade, subject to availability of materials, or you can request an original design just for you. Email me your ideas and we'll take it from there. Below is a small selection of my personal favourites.