The idea of creating a one of a kind doll was really appealing to me from the very beginning, so it didn't take me long to try my hand at customizing.

For a few years now I have been specializing in reroots. It might be the most tedious customization procedure, yet it's the most exciting and with the most dramatic results. Proper hair is not just beautiful, it makes a doll more playable, thus much more enjoyable!

I also repaint makeup, change eyes and eyelashes and just about anything that will make a doll come together into a whole new exciting creation.

I offer a unique mohair reroot, featuring a thatched part, full hairline, and small hair quantity, that allows it to be brushed, combed and styled using water or heat, just like human hair. It can be straightened, curled, or left with it's natural wave. It looks beautiful and feels extremely soft. It's my favourite hair to use on Blythes and in my opinion, the best choice for Kenners that have lost their original hair.

I use premium quality mohair that comes in a wide variety of beautiful natural shades, and can also get it in white, so I can dye any custom colour you wish.

When working with smaller vinyl heads, I prefer to use saran hair. It's a really nice fibre, soft and fine and comes in a huge selection of colours. Online sources for this are Restore doll and Dollyhair.

A small list of other services:
° Makeup repaint (eyeshadow, blush, lips, as well as freckles and beauty marks)
° Sand matting to get rid of extreme shine. Two finishes available, matte or lustre. I personally prefer the second.
° New eyechips. Good retailers are Mannngirl, Brainworm and Irene0419.
° New eyelashes
° Body transplant
° For SBLs, carving of mouth and eyeholes to make them look less SBL
And anything else you might want!

For all inquiries, please email me at stadtkind @ gmail . com

From time to time I will also create an OOAK doll for sale on ebay!

Here is a small gallery or dolls I have customized - mine, ebay customs or commissions. A lot more coming soon. You can also see more mohair reroots in the kenner restoration section!