Theatre Alfort is an artistic collective from Tokyo, comprised of 5 girls:

Aya, hat artist

Miyuki, fashion designer

Caolu, stylist, works for Dolly bird magazine

Chai, the amount of wonderful cakes in her blog make me think she owns a bakery!

and Naito, a talented illustrator.

I admire their work to no end and they're one of my biggest inspirations. What they do is not easy to describe, but one could call it avant-garde, melancholic and a little twisted. They have held two spectacular exhibitions at Gallery Lele:
The lost children of the carnival
They sell their wonderful clothing at doll shows and online. I'm also not entirely sure what this is exactly but they seem to hold a small event from time to time at Koenji Shorin cafe. Their website is

I had the chance to meet Aya, Miyuki and Naito right after the Blythe beauty contest 2007 where they had all voted for Private Ai Ai! I met Aya and Miyuki again a couple days later at cafe Hana where they had beautiful presents for me, a little straw hat and a gorgeous dress, plus a pile of lolita magazines from "the office" which apparently was the Baby the stars shine bright office, which is the brand Miyuki works for. One of my favourite lolita brands! In the photo below from left to right: Miyuki, Aya, Saki, Saki, Yukari (Saki's mom). Please don't mind the hat worn backwards. T_T

They released a book in 2007
Click to order from