Masanari, aka Atelier Matin is the incredible talent behind the famous Blythe sunglasses, one of the most sought after accessories among Blythe fans!

I remember drooling over them on Yahoo Japan, calculating they would cost me $70 for a pair if I bought through a shopping service. Luckily now his beautiful products have become more easily available to western fans. He also makes the accompanying Love beam gun, bags, shoes, other accessories, as well as wonderfully detailed 1/6th scale furniture like armchairs and sofas.

He was the leader of Team Sampoo that was responsible for one of the best entries in the 2007 Blythe Beauty contest, Space love girl No 0001, a team that involved fantastic Blythe dress maker Love*beam, with whom he collaborated extensively on incredibly creative outfit sets.

I've met him during my trips to Tokyo and he's a wonderful, generous and kind gentleman that everyone loves. He's the one who dealt with the paperwork so I could have my own booth at Doll Show 22 in Tokyo and has generally offered me his precious help many times. He's a great friend.

You can visit his flickr at

For loads of photo of his glasses check his friend's Micca's blogs:
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Three of the six shapes he makes for Blythe.

The three shapes for Emerald

For Nikki and Odeco.

Some sofas