Tess, maintainer extraordinaire of the Bon Bon Salon, is a children's doctor from Texas, USA and a girl of many talents. Great kenner restorer and amazing dress maker. Before she got into Blythes she used to customize Barbies but that belongs to the past for good now.

She has a wondeful kenner collection, among which 5 production samples - one of them is pictured on the right. Her clothing creations are some of my most favourite, it's really a shame she doesn't have time to sew more. She also puts together the best, funniest photostories.

We met in person many moons ago and she gave me a short lesson which kickstarted my love for sewing. She even gave me her old machine as a present when I decided to give machine sewing a try. Considering how involved I am in sewing right now, I owe her so much!!

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