The first time I heard the name Daisy D was when I saw that one, most beautiful, Momoko, many years ago. I didn't realise Daisy D was a person until a Doll coordinate recipe book came out, designed by her. I can't even describe how the sample pictures on ebay made me feel. I had never seen such delicate doll clothing before, and her beautiful gothic aesthetic, talked to me like no one else's. Abundant use of lace, ribbon and tiny pintucks, deliberate creasing, embroidered fabrics, all adds up to the most unique kind of lolita you have seen, reminiscent of delicate victorian doll clothing. She also seems to be quite a fan of the hime cut, which is my most favourite hairstyle ever.

Her name is Hirok, she lives in Tokyo and is part of doll artist collective LW dolls, that was hugely involved in the creation of Momoko. Her work has been featured in Dolly Dolly and she often collaborates with customizers to make OOAK dolls for events. I believe her clothing is only available through such Doll shows and events, which makes it painfully hard for me to get.

I was overjoyed she came to my exhibition at Koenji Shorin in Tokyo, and pretty much died when she gave me an outfit set. It's one of my most precious belongings.

The Momoko she designed in 2002 is one of the most popular and expensive.

This is her Doll Coordinate Recipe book. Even if you can't sew it's worth buying for the pictures.

Spondee wearing Daisy D's dress