Innocence is a french film by Lucile Hadzihalilovic. It features a mysterious boarding school in the middle of a beautiful thick forest, surrounded by a tall wall with no exits. Little girls arrive in coffins and are put to live in houses with other girls of varying ages, attending classes primarily for dance. They are not allowed to leave the school and they couldn't even if they wanted to.

It's an extremely dark film with an ever-present sense of doom and danger. It makes you feel something terrible will happen at any possible moment. It's wonderfully shot with dreamy, hypnotic scenes of the beautiful little girls frolicking round the woods. In the end it's a deeply touching film about children's innocence. Very highly reommended!

The film was released in Japan under the title "Ecole". Doll artist Hizuki made image dolls of the character and an exhibition was held. A book was also published. It's a real shame the film's website is no longer online as it featured a beautiful slideshow of the dolls.

You can view the japanese trailer here

And this is the only doll photograph I have.