Christina aka Jam Fancy is an incredibly talented and popular doll artist from Australia. Her brand has been going for many years, and more recently she formed Team Sibley with talented friends from the US and went on to win the first place at the 2006 Blythe Beauty Contest with their doll Gentle River.

Her clothing for Blythe has a signature, instantly recosgnisable look. She started off with more mod creations, but has recently adopted a more lolita-ish circus-y aesthetic which is by far my favourite!

She also makes her own fabric dolls and plushies with incredible skill and taste, as well as prints of big eyed girls using a unique technique she has come up with.

She also collaborated with Gina Garan on "Ginagirl", original felt and wire dolls of wonderful retro aesthetic.

I love Christina's world, she is a massive inspiration to me, and a really lovely girl too. We met in Tokyo summer 2007.

Visit her livejournal:

Her flickr:

Her website is not ready yet, however she has an open directory filled with photos. If you look around you will also find patterns she has designed, which by the way I used quite a lot when I first started sewing!

Some Blythe creations:

Handmade dolls and toys

A diorama she made to display the Ginagirls in an event.

A few of her unique prints. Last photo is my own print framed in my room.