Momoko, aka Momolita is one of the most famous Blythe artists in Japan. She's been going for many years and is very well known for her beautifully made version of Vivienne Westwood's rocking horse shoes. She is a very big fan of the designer, something that is reflected in her own designs. She has published various pattern books, and has designed a few Liccas and one Blythe, Ultimate tour. More recently she also created Haruka and Nano-Haruka doll, in conjunction with Obitsu. She steadily publishes patterns for Licca on every issue of Dolly Dolly, and her clothing and shoes are available through her webshop, which unfortunately is in japanese only. Her aesthetic is primarily punk and her look very recognisable.

I felt honoured when she came to my exhibition at Koenji shorin, where she gave me a pair of rocking horse shoes and a tiny orb necklace. I also received an unreleased Licca she designed, as a present from Chieko-san, chief editor of Dolly Dolly. I'm looking forward to owning more of her creations in the future!

Visit her website at:

Momolita holding Natsuko's UT in an outfit I made & presents!

Her pattern books for Blythe and Licca.