Maki Nomiya is mostly known as the lead singer of Pizzicato Five, one the best groups in pop history! Their music was an unbelievable mix of genres from 60s rock&roll and girl pop to victorian classical, swing, funk, psychedelia, the list goes on. Maki with her wonderful vocals, bright personality and good taste was the inspiration for Konishi Yasuharu, the mastermind composer of the group.

After an incredibly productive career, Pizzicato Five disbaded in 2001 and Maki continues her own successful solo career.

She is a collector of vintage Barbie and has been known to show up all dressed up in Barbie conventions. She has also participated in a Blythe event in the past.

Two scans from her book "Nomiya Maki A to Z"

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Watch Pizzicato five videos on Youtube. Two of my favourites are It's a beautiful day and Twiggy Twiggy.