Rozen Maiden is a manga by Peach-pit that was also turned into an anime by studio Nomad. I haven't read the manga but I have watched the anime and it's one of my biggest favourites. If you're interested in anime it's an all aroun d good watch, but if you are a doll collector, it's an absolute must!

The story revolves around 7 victorian dolls with magical powers in contemporary Tokyo and involve psychology and the phenomenon or hikkikomori - reclusive teenagers who isolate themselves of society. Jun refuses to attend school and never leaves the house. All he does is buy weird things off the internet until one day a mysterious doll arrives.

t's extremely interesting and well thought out. Peach-pit have deep knowledge of the doll philosophy. There are really touching scenes of Shinku, the doll on the right, explaining Jun that dolls are only alive when someone loves them. There are also scenes of doll making and doll parts hanging and laying around, and one time the maidens take their clothes off you can see their ball joints.

The series has been fansubbed and is also is being released on DVD in the US. You can also watch it at

So far there are two seasons and two "Overture" episodes that clear some things up. I really hope it continues, there is still a lot to be solved.

Jun Planning has released all the Rozen Maiden as Pullips and Dals. They've done quite a nice job actually.