I love working with colour film and polaroids and I try to avoid digital as much as possible. I try to create doll photographs with a vintage or antique feel to them, slightly (or not so slightly) bizarre and nostalgic.

My main camera is a simple Pentax P30t with a Pentax 35-80mm lens, and my favourite film is Fuji Superia 400. My polaroid is an SX-70 Model 2. I used to shoot on Time-zero film but since it's not being produced anymore I have modified my camera and use regular 600.

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All images copyright Leonidas © 2004-2008. Please do not use without permission.


In Dolly*Dolly Vol.15 you can find an over 30 page spread filled with some of my best doll photographs as well as my article on more alternative and quirky cameras for doll photography (in japanese).

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