Candy Candy is an extremely popular japanese manga and anime from the 70s, about a little girl growing up in an orphanage and later being adopted by a family that turn her into a maid. It's really a very dramatic but sweet story that made many people's hearts melt when they were little.

Candy Candy must have been incredibly popular in Italy in the 80s, judging from the amount of memorabilia floating around. This popularity also gave birth to the Candy Candy doll, produced by Polistil, an italian toymaker.

She stands 10 inches tall and has a posable body with bendy arms. Her face is very true to the manga/anime, and so are her fashions sold seperately. Some are really lolita - no wonder there is speculation the whole lolita culture in Japan started as Candy Candy cosplay. She came in a cute box wearing a few different outfits that were not available seperately.

Many thanks to Alessia aka Babet from Italy who found this wonderful NRFB nurse Candy and sent her to me as a present!

Below are some of the seperate fashions, there seem to be some more that are not included here.