Chibikko Mate Chi-chan is a tiny pocket doll firstly made by Takara in 1969. She's supposed to be 4 years old. The first edition (on the right) had either blond or brown hair and she was 9,9cm tall. The second edition in 1977 was a litte shorter at 9,4cm, and also came in blond and brown haircolours but also with long or short hairstyles.

Another company named My-toy-sha produced Chi-chan, however we're unsure what the deal was. She might be a clone but she was made in Japan, and very nicely at that.

Chi-chan was very successful and lasted for many years, along with quite a few friends and family members. Adorable carry cases and little houses were also produced.

First two pictures 1st, the next two, 2nd. Slight difference in eye design.

My-Toy-sha's Chi-chan.

Here are comprison shots.
1st pic: 1st Takara, My-Toy-sha, 2nd Takara
2nd pic: Takara on the left, My-Toy-sha on the right

And a cute carry case that holds just one Chi-chan.