Licca firstly appeared in 1967 and went on to dominate the market. She was an instan success and is still the most successful doll in Japan. She was designed so little girls could relate to her, from her age to her size and interests. Rather small, not very bright, not overly fond of school. She is 11 years old, stands 1,42m and weighs 34kg. Her mom Orie is a fashion designed and her dad Piere is an orchestra conductor living in France.

Favorite subject; National(Japanese) language, Art, Music
Weak subject; Mathematics
Favorite foods; Icecream (Especially, Haagen-Dazs Vanilla), Custard pudding
Favorite flower; Rose, Tulip
Favorite books; Anne of Green Gables
Favorite color; Pink, White
Favorite things; drawing, playing piano, sweets cooking, window-shopping
Favorite aminals; chow chow(Chinese dog)
Favorite sports; Tennis
Dream for the future; Fashion designer
Her trouble; She has a question about she doesn't know where her dad is, either.

First generation Licca was produced in 4 different hairstyles, one haircolour. A very easy way to distonguish her from the other generations is that she has only one white dot in her eyes.