FR Nippon Misaki is a 12" multi-jointed fashion doll by Jason Wu, manufactured by Integrity toys. She debuted in 2006 as part of their Fashion Royalty line, but marketed exclusively for the japanese market and as such is very different in styling and aesthetic.

Misaki is one of my personal favourite dolls of the moment and one word that can perfectly describe her is edgy. The daring hairstyles, haircolours and outfits are not seen on any other doll right now. At the same time there are the sweeter, more romantic releases that will satisfy those not particularly into the japanese fashion sense.

She is designed by Jason Wu and his design team and is released irregularly in small collections, at limited numbers of 250 to 500. Sometimes there are Amazon special editions at even more limited numbers.

From time to time companies like BIC and Azone customize a number of existing dolls in a factory in Japan, redress them and resell them.

Misaki got a friend named Amélie in 2009.

There are far too many releases to list here, but the official site has a full catalogue.