Momoko started as an art project by software company Petworks, particularly art director Namie Manabe, in collaboration with the dressmaker team LWdolls. The idea behind the project was "If you can't find a doll of your type in the market, why don't you create one on your own?". Modeling artist Keisuke Sawada was recruited to produce the original prototype, and Momoko debuted at DOLLHEAD EXHIBITION 2001, in August 2001.

She has a distinctively asian face and an open mouth, drawing inspiration from the TNT Barbie headmold. She had her own fashion line "Momokomono". Her body was Super Action Jenny by Takara, with some releases having Sekiguchi's Coco' body.

Petworks took a break for Momoko in September 2005. Production stopped for several months, until the rights were handed over to Sekiguchi, that started producing their own version. The first few lines were of disappointing quality, especially compared to the japan made Petworks dolls, however things got much better later. This doll was much cheaper as she was mass produced in China. She also got her own new body, smaller and slimmer than before.

Much later Petworks responded to the fans' wish to start producing Momoko again, so now they introduce new designs twice a year. This doll's head is made in Japan and she uses the Sekiguchi body. A new clothing line has also ben created under the name "Close clipped sheep". As before, the quality and detail are exceptional.

There are far too many releases to even attempt to include them here. You can refer to:

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