Roko-tan was made by Nakajima-Seisakusho in 1973. She was 25cm tall and was originally a comic character by Hiroko Komoda.

Her gimmick was that she was a wig doll - her own hair was molded and short. Her wigs were hair rooted on a vinyl cap so she looked just like a rooted doll in them. She came packed with two and there were more sold seperately. The default wig is the infamous light brown mullet (on the right). She also had a pair of very becoming glasses and came with a human sized pair for little girls to wear too.

There are four versions of Rokotan. Normal, Osampo (walker doll), the rare Summer (tanned with green eyes - the body was normal type) and there was also a 44cm "Ohanashi" version that could record your voice and play it back.

First normal body, second and third the two versions of the "Osampo" body as well as the different feet between Normal and Osampo

Summer Rokotan and Ohanashi Rokotan

Natsuko's Never removed from box Rokotan and the contets of the box. When the doll is mounted on the stand, she looks like she's walking when it's pushed around.

Another boxed doll

Rokotan's Beauty salon

All these wigs are original. The outfits in the last photo ar original too. She had very beautiful brightly colour fashions!

Rokotan is very popular will collectors today and can fetch high prices on YJP.