Waif is a personal project by talented illustrator and doll artist Anna Puchalki from New York. She appeared as a character in her illustrations and eventually was produced as a doll in very limited number by toy company Toy2R.

A little info from Anna:

"Waif doll was designed by Anna /Angel Devil, illustrator/sculptor, based on sketch book doodles, now in the process of becoming a comic. Waif started out as a seven inch tall bendy and grew to a 12" fashion doll during the factory prototyping. She is produced by Toy2R. We are still working out production snafus (dolls are complex) so there will not be another factory run for a little while yet. I plan to make another L.E. at the end of the year. Maybe. If I have time.

Waif is a girl, or a ghost, we don't know which, who has been zapped into doll form. She's three feet tall, ball jointed and made from Ivory or bone. Her adventures are random and silly and violent. Yes, there is going to be a comic book. Really. I promise. I bout the paper and pens. They're sitting on my desk right now! I'll never find a publisher though. That's OK. Related to Waif is the Twisted Bunny series (not final name, still in concept faze) due to come out later this year."

The first line "Bunnyhood Auburn" was a mere 10 dolls, handpainted by Anna, sold at a show in Hong Kong and accompanied by a clay bunny. The second line "Crown" was again handpainted and 10 pieces, exclusively available at Toy Fair. The third run "Bunnyhood Pink" was factory made in 100 pieces. Some where accompanied with a clay bunny.

Anna also made a lot of OOAK Waifs for galleries and shows.

You can visit Anna's website at http://www.angeldevilland.com/
Bunnyhood Auburn, Crown and Bunnyhood Pink.

I was incredibly lucky to snatch up a prototype Waif with hand-drawn box and bunny! Her hair is factory rooted and her face is had painted by Anna.

My friend Natalie got this OOAK named Urban Phantom.

More OOAKS for shows or galleries as well as the Life-size Felt, wire and clay Waif.

Finally some of the illustrations that inspired the doll.

Many many thanks to Daniele who contributed the photos of her wondeful Crown Waifs.
Visit her flickr at http://www.flickr.com/photos/supertrouper/