We all know Blythe wasn't very popular back in the 70s but the things children did to her are unbelievable. Hacked hair, scratches, nicks, missing lashes, broken necks, ruined makeup. Rarely will you find one that hasn't been harmed one way or another, and the sun and dust have contributed to that even further with yellowing and dirt affecting everything.

If your girl needs help, I may as well be able to offer it!


° Sanding of the face to remove scratches, yellowing and stains
° Following that, buffing to restore shine
° Repainting of makeup - eyeshadow, lips, blush
° Whitening of the eyeballs
° Repainting of faded pupils and resparkling of chips
° Replacement of eyelashes, either with original kenners or close match
° Re-attachement of broken neck knob. If there is no body at all, a neo body can be modified to fit.
° Glueing of broken pelvis (however this is rarely successful and depends on the position of the crack)
° Replacement of lost legs - transplantation of a whole neo pelvis with legs
° Replacement of missing arms
° Detangling and taming of frizz
° Refilling of missing plugs with doll's own hair, successful even at situations of extreme baldness
° Securing of shedding hair
° Rethatching of part
° Mending of torn scalps
° If hair is completely destroyed or missing, mohair reroot.

This list is not exhaustive! Inquire with photos to discuss your girl's individual problems. Please email me at stadtkind @ gmail . com
I am also experienced in restoring many other types of dolls such as Peteena, Emerald witch, Vintage Licca and many more. If she's broken, I can most probably fix her. Just ask!

Here are a few satisfied customers (well, Spondee is mine and my first restoration project ever!)



Yoona's girl

Alanna's girl

Wendy Darling



I am based in London, UK, and accept orders from all over the world.
I ask my customers to respect the fact that kenners are vintage dolls and are most likely to never be perfect, and that's just part of their charm. I restore without being overly obtrusive to the doll's characteristics that form her personality. I will not reroot a doll whose hair is not completely destroyed or missing, however I can work with a superior or blank scalp from coolcat, and you can sell the original to someone with a baldie. I strongly advise to not attempt sanding your doll if you are inexperienced - I have dealt with far too many kenners with altered facial features, sanded down noses and lips because of bad sanding.

When shipping, a trackable service is recommended, and you can choose to insure or not. A doll declared as full value could get caught at customs and induce high import taxes, from either side. This is not a problem within the European Union, however.

The only form of payment I accept is Paypal, however UK customers can also make a bank transfer .