The first set of a new line of imaginary schoolgirl oufits. This is packed with little details. It is made out of a beautiful japanese fabric with black vertical and red horizontal threads resulting in a pretty burgundy colour with a nice depth. The dot in it is woven. It features a bib with pintucks, decorated with fine lace and teal silk ribbon. Topstitched round collar, lace cuffs and scalloped hem on the skirt. Comes with a pair of fine viscose socks that match the ribbon beautifully. Finally a hat made of dark pink velvet featuring a covered button and feathers.

Notes: The feathers will be packed seperately to avoid damage during transit. They are fixed in place through the shank of the button. Care must be taken when putting the sleeves on so that Blythe's thumb does not get caught in the threads that form the dot.

Only 5 available. The price is $150 including shipping with airmail anywhere in the world.
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